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Top 3 Community Websites

are some of the most active on the Internet. These spaces are made available to users so that they can connect with other people. These online social sites have been effective in connecting people of similar interests and concerns. Within these spaces many things are made possible. People share information about themselves, their likes and dislikes, and some of them post resumes for potential job offers.

Out of the hundreds of community websites out there, here are three of the top active ones that are available online:


Considered to be one of the pioneering social websites that was unveiled in 2002, it took the world by storm. Here was a website that allowed people to befriend each other online and for free. The website itself was n experiment in online networking between individuals whether they knew each other or not. It worked along the lines of what is known as the small world phenomenon, a theory that everybody can be reached through a short chain of social connections.

Today, Friendster still exists as one of the top networks, constantly improving its services especially now that there are more websites that work along the same concept. It caters to a market of international Internet users, a majority of them between the ages of 21 to 30. Most users maintain an account as some kind of diary, documenting daily events and posting pictures of friends and family. The drawback is that Friendster only allows its accounts to hold up to 1000 friends.


Probably the largest social network on the Internet today, this website created by Tom Anderson started out in 1998 and was shut down later on in 2003. But in that short time, it gained a popularity that would jumpstart its revival and super growth over the next few years. Its market first targeted teenagers to young adults. It then occurred to its creator and programmers that they could connect people via their preferences.

At present, MySpace is now very popular with the music community. Musicians, professional and not, have found that they can reach their fans through their MySpace music profiles. Musicians can post demos of their music, photos, gig schedules and just about anything related to their bands and music styles. In effect, their fans also help out in spreading the word about the music that is found on MySpace. Musicians have found great success in spreading their music and selling their demos through the MySpace network which currently has more than 154 million members worldwide.


One of the newest social networking websites, the Multiply format is very different in that it offers space that makes it look more like a private blog than a public profile. Perhaps this is where its magic lies. Within the site, a member can share different types of media such as downloadable music, streaming and downloadable videos, pictures and blogs. It also allows for people to post things about themselves through their mobile phones. A unique feature in Multiply is that members can also see who has been visiting their site per page. This concept revolves around the idea that there is a degree in security in knowing who exactly is viewing your site. Of course, this feature is limited to members of the site. Users can also specify the type of relationship they have with each other, for example, whether they are just online buddies or officemates. Multiply is quickly picking up on members and is well on its way to being one of the most popular social websites on the Internet.

A Website that Helps Motivate You to Accomplish Your Goals

It always feels like there should be more hours in a day so we can get more things done. The key to getting the most out of the time you have here on Earth is to find ways to mange what you have. Each day you have 24 hours so, make sure you give yourself at least 8 hours of sleep. Put in 10 hours for driving to work, going to work and coming back home. You will have 8 hours to spend at home with your family. You can never replace time that has past once it has passed it is gone forever.

First, you will want to set goals for yourself so you know what you want to finish by the end of the day, week, month and year. The more goals you finish will raise your self-respect and confidence in your abilities. Once you have set your goals you will need to prioritize which goals are the most important to you. You may need to write them down so that you can select which ones need to be completed first. This brings us to the third thing you will need to do plan. Once you have written out your goals and their priority you will need to plan on how to accomplish the goals. You can make your goals happen by planning the best route to complete the tasks. After you have finished this phase, you may find that you should delegate a few tasks to someone who can handle the task.

One of the best ways to feel good about completing a small goal is to start a points system. The people at Joe's goals ( can help you start your own little log book to help you keep score. You can enter in your own goals and how many points you want to reward yourself for completing the task. Additionally, you can take away points for not completing a task that day by making a negative point goal. They can run a report for you anytime you want with a detailed list of your progress. It really helps for those people that like to have some instant gratification after finishing a task. You can add a badge to your Myspace or personal website to let others see how you are doing. It really feels great to be able to update the list with a little green check mark. In fact, you can check it as many times as you completed the task that day. Then if you have the negative goals, it will subtract it from your running total.

Of course, it always helps to know what time of day you get the most done, so you can plan your day ahead. You can develop your own style and after a period, it will become part of your normal routine. Try getting an early start on your day by getting organized, if you know where everything is you are less likely to be distracted by other projects. You can lay out the things you will need in the morning before you go to bed at night. Lay out your clothes and setting the table for breakfast will help you ease into your day in the morning instead of rushing around before heading out to work. Try not to commit to many things during the day since you can easily over schedule your time.

The Top Five Websites for Great Deals


Slickdeals is a deal site that takes great deals from around the web and places them in one easy to use place. You can find anything from free magazine subscriptions to top-brand items here, and it is updated frequently.


With computer parts, monitors, accessories, camera, phones and pretty much everything else electronic and high-tech, Newegg features some of the best deals around. Search by keyword or browse through the site's extensive categories to get an idea about what is available.


Home to the one-deal a day, this site usually has electronics, home goods, toys or related items offered at excellent prices. Along with a flat $5 shipping fee and the occasional Woot-off where lots of products are listed throughout the day, it makes for an enjoyable shopping experience.

Deals Plus

DaalsPlus uses social bookmarking tools to let the most popular deals rise to the top of the page so you know what people are buying. It is a rather democratic way of letting you know what is out there.


A website featuring incredibly cheap goods manufactured in China, Meritline often runs special offers that combine free shipping with extensive discounts. A 99-cent LED flashlight? a 29-cent fire starter kit? Yup. And more.