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Common Octopus

The world is full of different species ranging from ordinary to unique and small to big animals. One of the medium-sized aquatic creatures is the common octopus. It is known for having bulbous heads and eight tentacles. Also, did you know that they are blue-blooded and have three hearts? Another commonly known fact about the common octopuses is that they squirt blank ink to protect themselves against their predators.

Many people are amazed by its mysterious and creepy look. Their squishy and soft bodies are the inspiration of the ocean-lurking monsters seen on the movies Caribbean Lusca and Kraken. Most of us are familiar with this sea creature. But, how much did you know about common octopuses?

In this post, we are going to provide you the interesting facts about these squirmy creatures. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading.

Octopuses have Three Hearts

The first two hearts of the octopus is intended to allow the blood flow towards its gills and the last one is responsible for the organ circulation. An interesting fact about the octopus hearts is that when they swim, this organ stops from beating. This is the reason why you can see them crawling instead of swimming.

Octopuses are Way Old

A specie of octopus existed way back the Carboniferous period, which is 296 million years ago. The fossils of this old octopus are displayed in the Field Museum in Chicago. Experts found out that it is included in the Pohlsepia species.

The Arms of an Octopus have their Mind

More than two-thirds of the overall neurons of an octopus is present in its tentacles. This means that the octopus’ tentacles can grab some edibles while its head is busy doing other things. Another interesting fact about its tentacles is that they can still move even they have been cut.

The Ink of an Octopus does not only Help them to Hide from the Predators

As mentioned, the octopus produces a dark black ink. Aside from covering and hiding them from their predators, the ink can also cause physical damage to the other animals that dared to harm them. The ink is composed of tyrosinase, which is a compound that helps humans to have a balanced melanin production. This compound can result to a blinding irritation when squinted to the eyes of the predators, and somehow is connected with sense of this creature’s taste and smell.

Mating is Equal to Death

Unlike humans, parenthood and mating for the octopuses can lead them to death. That’s why they adapt to a practice called external fertilization. According to the experts, male octopuses hand their sperm to the female octopuses, which will be grabbed by her eight tentacles. Another way for external fertilization is that males insert their sperm directly to the funnel used by the females for breathing to create an offspring. Female octopus is restricted from eating edible goodies when they are pregnant. But don’t worry since she does not starve herself to death.