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Best applications to download videos Completely Free from Android

Currently, there are more and more people who use the device as an entertainment center, and today you can play movies, music, documentaries, news, and everything from the palm of our hand, phones, and tablets are more and more powerful and their bigger screens. We know that on many occasions we need to save interesting content that we see on the Internet, whether from a news item, a funny video, a music video or any type of content, this can be done safely from our phone or tablet, you can download videos and see it offline (without internet connection) for all those people who need to store multimedia content we bring you this ranking with the best applications to download a video   simply at the best quality and in simple steps.

Most of the applications in this Ranking Work on Android Devices and almost any version from 4.4 onwards, it is important to bear in mind that we must have storage space on our phone to be able to store the downloaded content and that the size will be proportional to the compression quality of these, this can go from 360p to 1080p, clarified this below with the Ranking with the best apps to download videos.

5 Best Apps to Download Videos

In this Ranking, you will find applications to download directly from the Play Store while for others we will indicate the direct link to the .apk file to perform the direct installation.


It is perhaps the most famous application in this category, its official name is TubeMate Video Downloader and the favorite in case you are interested in downloading YouTube videos, its interface is easy and intuitive, it allows us to download videos in.MP4 format and in different qualities 360p 480p 720p 1080p.

TubeMate is a native browser that allows us to navigate directly to the file and once selected it allows us to download the content.


It is another Video Download Suite, it is honestly, in my opinion, the best application to download videos today, with it we can download from YouTube, we will also be able to download videos from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter among others.

This app for a question of privacy policies is not in the PlayStore but we can download it from its official website or different application download sites.

Video downloader

An application that we can find in the PlayStore is perhaps the most used of the moment, with it we can download videos to our mobile device for free and play offline. This, like Snaptube, has an integrated browser in which we can visit the video and a context menu will appear with different options.

The function that stands out is the possibility of saving the videos with a password in a folder on our device, in the internal storage or the SD

Another incredible application to download videos, this one has some functions that make it stand out from the rest, for example, its integrated browser hides ads from social networks, its powerful download manager allows us to start, pause and continue a video download.

This app also compresses the videos adjusting it to the best resolution for our device, saving storage space on our mobile phone.

Video Download App for Facebook

Another very good application, it has more than 1600 positive ratings with it we can download Facebook videos with just a few clicks, the operation is completely simple, it has a built-in browser in which we must log in and then navigate to the video in question, is perhaps the simplest of the 5 but it meets expectations and as I understand many people are just looking for an alternative that allows them to download videos from this social network.

Those were my 5 Recommendations with the Best Applications to Download Videos for free, from here a section with questions and answers that will help you know if these applications are what you are looking for.

Are these Applications useful to Download Videos on iPhone?

NO, they are all applications that work on Android, the reality is that there are very few capable applications in IOS, if not any, that have the functions of the apps mentioned above.

Can I Download Music Videos with these apps?

Yes, keep in mind to always try to download in.MP4 format and respecting the compression so that the sound quality is acceptable. With any of the recommended applications, you can download, compress, save space, and have music videos on your mobile phone.

Are these Applications used to Download Videos from WhatsApp?

Perfectly, you can download videos from states to your mobile device and store it in .mp4 format.

Is it possible to download videos in Full HD or 4k?

YES, it is possible to download videos in 1080p, but keep in mind that you will need a good amount of space to store it, so before starting the download it is recommended that you see the storage section of your phone to see if you have enough space.

Can I Download Instagram Videos?

YES, you can download Instagram videos with these apps, you just have to enter the integrated browser with your username and password and then see the status, at the bottom a contextual menu will appear with the option to download the status.

Can I download Videos in .mp3 format?

Yes, you can download videos and automatically convert them into mp3s and then play them as a traditional sound file, we can configure the compression quality so that the file is more or less heavy.

Can Netflix Videos be downloaded?

NO, it is not possible to download videos from the Netflix app

If you have any doubts or questions, you can leave us a comment, the process of downloading videos is extremely simple and allows us to store all our favorite content on our mobile phone to enjoy it, then offline, if any of these apps worked for you, share this content on your social network, that will help us to continue growing.