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K9 Friends United Website – It’s Grrrreat for Connecting Dog Owners

This is great news because a Northern Ireland man has created the first online service for dog owners which allows canine lovers to connect through social networking, similar to Facebook. Diarmuid Scullin from Cookstown in County Tyrone, set up the fabulous K9 Friends United to provide dog owners all over the world with a place to chat, swap tips and meet new people. And such is the success of his website over the last year that word has spread and people are now logging on from as far afield as Argentina, New Zealand, the USA and China.

A lifelong dog lover, Diarmuid’s site incorporates a gallery where you can show off photographs of your precious pooch as well as upload videos. The Tyrone man explained that the inspiration for the site, based on the Friends Reunited and Facebook concepts, came from his daily job.

“I’m a long distance lorry driver and when I was out and about I noticed a lot of people were out walking their dogs on their own. So I decided to do something about it and I set up the website. And within hours of going online, I’d received messages from all over the world. So now, when I’m taking a break from driving I can log onto my laptop by the roadside,” he said.

Dog lovers who register on the fun site will have complete control over their personal webpage and can edit the content at any time. In addition, anyone who registers can chat with others in real time, or post a blog, if they have something to say.

There is also a lost and found section, should your dog have disappeared, and a poignant memorial page which will allow you to pay tribute to a much-loved deceased pet.

The Tyrone man’s job entails spending long hours away from home across the UK and Ireland, and this is the only reason why he does not currently own a dog. He hopes to see the site expand in the future as more and more dog lovers register their pooches.

“The k9 friends united site gives people an alternative to the glossy magazines. They can swap ideas, meet like-minded people and talk about their dogs,” he said.

So if you dog is envious of your own page on a social networking site like Facebook, Bebo or Friends Reunited, why not allow him or her to join in the online fun by logging onto – you’d be barking mad to refuse!