Menu Close – New Website to Get Brides and Future Brides Interested in Politics

As anyone that is married knows, a lot of things are on your mind when you are preparing for the wedding. It's a pretty good bet that politics is not an issue that is near the top of your list of concerns. With the elections around the corner can help though. This is a website that was created by the people behind and Its intended audience is brides in the age group from their mid 20's through their mid 30's. The website allows brides to vote in polls on political issues and provides them with backgrounds on the political candidates.

The website includes plenty of political options for brides to be or anyone else visiting the website. There are sections with information on the stances of the political candidates on the issues, and an opportunity for members to register to vote. Members of the site can also discuss politics with other brides on the website. The website also allows the brides to participate in surveys and see how they feel as a group on certain issues. One other feature that is nice for people planning a wedding and not having the time to keep up with politics as much as they want is a political schedule including information on primaries and caucuses in each state as well as party conventions and the events leading up to the national election.

All fun and no play though makes for a very boring website. That is why has a section on the website for a little bit of fun for it's members. This is a section that includes information about the various candidates, including serious and fun facts about their actual weddings. Some of this information includes obscure trivia items such as the color of the tux worn by the groom at these political weddings. It also tells members where the candidates were married, and even has photographs for some of their weddings online.

Some may say that there is it's not right to mix romance and politics. Well has made a different decision on that issue and feels it's perfectly acceptable for these two topics to intermingle. The website has a lot of information, but the most entertaining sections of the website include the message boards and the section with the facts about the candidates weddings. The website combines just enough information to inform, along with enough entertainment to keep the visitors coming back for repeat visits to the website.