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Benefits of Web Based Training (WBT) for Employees

Web based training (WBT) is relatively new in the arena of employee training materials, but is growing fast among large corporations and small businesses alike. Before WBT became commonplace, most employees were trained via computer based training (CBT), usually on a CD ROM, or with video and print materials.

The benefits of web based training are numerous, and it is something that all business owners should consider if their employees require skills training on the job. WBT courses can be created from scratch by an accomplished tech team, or they can be purchased from developers.

Pricing of Web Based Training

One of the most important benefits of web based training is the cost for employees to use it. This learning format creates more diversity in the pricing, especially when compared with CD-ROMs. If you purchase existing WBT courses from a developer, you'll likely be presented with several options from which to choose.

Some web based training programs charge a set amount for a certain number of employees, while others grant a full license to the customer that expires after a given time period. Still others will sell rights to customers indefinitely for a single lump sum. How you purchase WBT training materials for your employees will depend on the size of your business.

Updates and Alterations

When you purchase a CD-ROM or other computer based training program, you're buying a fixed information product. While this might seem cut-and-dried, it actually takes away from your employee training program because, as we all know, business priorities change and trends evolve over time.

In other words, your current training program for employees will be obsolete in just a couple of years, at which time you'll have to purchase a whole new system.

With web based training for employees, however, providers can update the materials on a regular basis with no interruption to your service. As new technology develops and standard procedures are revised, the WBT materials can be updated remotely without you having to make any changes yourself.

Interactive Modules

Another significant benefit of web based training, according to, is the interactive nature of WBT modules. Students can communicate with one another and with instructors over the Internet and from inside the WBT training program. This is a major advantage over CBT programs and videos or print materials because students have a built-in support system.

Indeed, many WBT providers will allow businesses to create their own networks for employees. This means that even if students are working in distant locations, they can still communicate with one another, with management and with instructors.

Learning Methods

A web based training program for employees allows business owners to incorporate all types of learning methods and styles into one program. Some people learn visually, while others prefer auditory and hands-on methods. WBT allows for all three.

If you are going to purchase a web based training program, or if you'd prefer to create one yourself, make sure you research the different platforms before making a decision. There are numerous options available on the market, some of which are more sophisticated than others, and you'll need to choose a WBT program that will benefit your employees.

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