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Writing Controversial Content to Get Web Backlinks: Linkbaiting

There are many blogs that have their claim to fame simply by writing about the most popular, controversial and hot topics that seem to drift around the internet. Three reasons why you should consider writing about something controversial is to get people to place links that point towards your web site. This will help you receive a subscriber base and dramatically increase visitors to your web site as well!

People Absolutely Love to Spread Controversy

Remember, people absolutely love to spread controversy that you may have on your blog. People love to see topics that can offense, surprise, etc. By writing about controversial subjects you can ensure that many people may even search throughout your blog so that they can find other controversial material. Remember; Perez Hilton blog made its way to fame by writing about controversial topics among stars and celebrities.

Google and other major search engines see backlinks that point to a website as a voting system. The more backlinks you can get the better, and you will place high in the search engines for keywords you didn't even know you had! Be sure that you use keywords throughout your articles if possible as this will definitely help the amount of search engines visitors that arrive at your page

Finding a Controversial News Topic with a Celebrity

There are many ways to find controversial news topics with celebrities other than being a creepy paparazzi type person. You can check your local television station to see if there is any news about the stars. You may also want to consider the possibility of asking around to see if there are any rumors on hot celebrity couples, pregnancies and things of that nature. It may sound harsh, but people absolutely love to hear about information that concerns a star or celebrity.

Another thing that is absolutely amazing about blogging about celebrities and controversial topics is that there is a great chance that people are already searching for the names of the celebrities. By having a popular name on your blog may automatically help you get a great deal of traffic to your website. It is important that you see which celebrities are highly popular but have little sites mentioning their names in their websites. By doing this you can decrease competition and increase a demand for your website.

Avoid Being Offensive

You definitely want to avoid saying anything that could be offensive as people may actually find your blog repulsive. This includes blogging about anything that may be racist, sexist, and even prejudice. If you sense that your article may offend a huge group of people; then it is definitely best to avoid it as you don't want to ruin your name with the horrible content that you are putting on the internet.

By finding something controversial, avoiding the urge to be offensive, and blogging about stars; you can ensure that many people will send tons of backlinks to your page therefore giving you a huge boost in the search engine result page rankings!