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Ten Holiday Promotion Ideas for Ecommerce Website

Holidays are a great time to promote your ecommerce website. Since there are so many holidays throughout the year, it is fun to have a holiday promotion every month. This article covers ten holiday promotion ideas for your ecommerce website.

January Holiday Promotion Idea – New Years

Start the year off right with a great holiday promotion idea. New Years is a time for new beginnings, resolutions, and parties! One great promotion idea for your ecommerce website includes mailing paper party hats, folded up in envelopes, to your customers.

Each party hat should be printed with your website address and logo. Include a sale price on special items or a coupon. Tell the customers that they can only get the special price if they wear the New Years party hat.

February Holiday Promotion Idea – Valentines Day

Valentines is all about love. Show the love with this holiday promotion idea for your ecommerce website. Offer a special romance gift pack on your website for a special low price. Almost any type of ecommerce website can find something that will make a great Valentine’s Day gift pack. Some ideas include t-shirts with cute pictures, coffee for breakfast in bed, jewelry, candles, romantic books, or DVDs.

March Holiday Promotion Idea – Spring has Sprung

And so have the savings! The Vernal Equinox, the day spring begins is a great excuse for a holiday promotion idea. Have a sale on items relating to Spring in any fashion. Or send out a coupon in the shape of a tulip or daffodil flower.

May Holiday Promotion Idea – Cinco de Mayo

This holiday originates in Mexico and can offer opportunities for great holiday promotion ideas. Besides making advertisements in Mexican colors and styles, you can create a great coupon sale graphic that looks like a piñata. Click on the piñata with a stick-like cursor, and your coupon price will be revealed.

June Holiday Promotion Idea – Summer Time

This is a great time of year to have a “Take it to the Beach” holiday promotion gift pack for sale. Make up a specially priced set with summer themed items. Advertise it promptly on the front page of your ecommerce website. Some options include hats, umbrellas, great beach reads, lotions for sunburn, tropical items, and fishing gear.

July Holiday Promotion Idea – Independence Day

The fourth of July is a great time for another interesting mailing to your current customers. You can purchase or make small firecracker shaped cards that come apart to reveal a sale price or coupon. Include a lot of sparkle!

September Holiday Promotion Idea – Back to School

If you sell anything appropriate for a student on your ecommerce website, you should definitely promote heavily before the back to school time. Money saving coupons are always a good idea for students and their parents. Also, going to college gift packs are a great idea.

October Holiday Promotion Idea – Halloween

A mystery is always a great holiday promotion idea around Halloween. Create a spooky treasure hunt on your ecommerce website. For example, hide small graphics of ghosts on various pages. Whoever finds all of them gets a coupon for a percentage off their purchase.

November Holiday Promotion Idea – Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving holiday is a time to say thanks and share the bounty. This is a great time to have a customer appreciation holiday promotion. Simply saying “Thanks,” to your customers is a great way to make more ecommerce sales.

December Holiday Promotion Idea – Winter Holidays

The winter holidays, Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanzaa, are perhaps the biggest sales holidays in the year. Decorate your website with winter style and offer sales. People are looking to buy from your ecommerce website at this time of the year. All you have to do is nudge them gently in the right direction.