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Website Review: Do You Dare to Compare? is a cool well designed site with many nice features. Unfortunately it does not give you results from as many stores as I would like to see! I was just looking for some shorts to buy for my son and there was the Walmart and JCPenney and then everything was over $10. I did the same search with and exact same results came up. These search sites are owned by the same company today so no differences.

After disappointing selection on on boys shorts (it IS springtime so this is a hot item!) I visited my old friend It has changed to a The selection and prices were so much better! only had 367 matches comparing to with 2541 items but I found plenty very nice brands and looks for deeply discounted prices. So to me was no use at all for this search. I wish they would include more stores in their search, as of now the results on apparel is very sad!

Besides that their navigation system and layout is very good. I love the fact that the site gives you most popular suggestions for search words WHILE you are typing. You got the option to show 30, 60 or 90 items per page. You can sort in many ways, price for lowest or highest, most popular items or by the store name.

On the left you will see how many items are in any price ranges and have the option to just click on one price range OR to select your own. Under the price range feature you will find the stores included. If your store is not shown there is "more" option which shows you every store and how many items they have for your search.

Underneath you will find the same options for the brands. I really like this feature! But what really sets this site apart is the following options you have! You can choose your shorts by the material (cotton, polyester, twill, nylon..) OR even by the pattern (printed, stripes, plaids & checks, solids..).

If this was not enough you can narrow your search by athletic/sport type, gender and age and so on. So if they would only have more bargains included I'd love using this site for shopping!

I'm also looking to buy my daughter a summer dress so I do the search. The most popular one's are really expensive (or maybe I'm too cheap!) so I do the price (low to high) option. The first item appearing is fun girl MUG set. In girls dresses? The next is a tunic, quite nice but it follows with bunch of sweaters for dogs. Why are these shown in the girls dresses section? There is also some sandals, teeshirts and gloves and several items with no photo at all. I'm not amused at all!

Under your search you will always find the sponsored links. They are nice to see but I could find them as easily in my own search engine.

On the bottom there is FEATURED LISTINGS FROM EBAY. I see a bomber jacket, sweatshirt and storage bags. No girls dresses on eBay? Hmmm. Below is the link for fixed price listings for "clothing" and link for all eBay listings for "Clothing". Why can't I just see a link straight to girls dresses on eBay?

It seems like is working hard to make their site to function but there is plenty room to improve!

Happy Shopping!