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How to Make a Successful Health Website

You are a successful former medic, and you are looking to retire, or a young health professional with many ideas about health improvement? Your thoughts can’t be wasted, especially in a world concerned about medicine and health like never before. It is why you can think of building a website giving health tips and even making some money with it.

But I am a doctor…how can I ?

You can find intuitive web hosting and creation services allowing you to have a website online in no time. Making it is not difficult, and you might even find it pleasant. Of course, it starts with finding a new domain, and this is not easy, as the majority of them are already taken.

Find a reliable web company offering you the next services: Domain Search and Purchase, Reliable Shared and Private Server Hosting, Customer Service, and Search Engine Optimization features.

Finding my health domain

You need to find a domain name that was never used before, and which will individualize your website amongst many others. Don’t look for the .com domains, as those are already taken. As you will probably looking to give health advice, you can think about buying a .health domain, as there are many names available on this extension. For example, if you are looking to write about how people cope with Covid Lockdown in Los Angeles, you can think of a domain such as or

Putting the website online

Hosting   a website means to find a company that will keep your website online, making sure it is always available for potential visitors. There are many of these available so that you can choose based on your budget and preferences. You won’t need to pay much for a start, especially as your website will not have many visitors for the first months. Look for a company offering Shared services, as these are cheap and suited for beginners.

Customer Service

Building a website is not a matter of programming and advanced coding. Many of the hosting companies can give you an intuitive Website builder, allowing you to build a website with no coding. Customer Service at the is essential, as you will need them to guide you through the and website building process.

Google Indexing

You can have your website ready in less than a week, but this is only the beginning. You will want to rank it in Google, and this depends on your writing skills and your capacity to create engaging content. You will need to write the original content carefully and to make sure it is engaging for your readers. Once you are ready with everything, you need to Index your website in Google so it can be found by visitors.

The hosting company is crucial at this point as well, as they should be able to offer a Search Engine Optimization service. They will make sure your website is friendly for Google but also for mobile users, so you can fully concentrate on your writing and on growing your website until it reaches the first page of Google and other search engines!