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The Busy Person's Guide to Finding a Free Web Space and Hosting Service

Making a decision to have your own free web site is easy. Finding which web building site and host to use may take a little longer. With so many options available, and can take some time and some foresight to know which service will be best for you.

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a free web space and web hosting service It is less time-consuming and less frustrating to figure out which features you need before you start. Otherwise you will find yourself with half-built and abandoned web pages across the net.

  1.  Design

Are you just looking for a free service that supplies customizable templates? If you select one of these free web space services, you will need to find a free or paid web host.

  1.  Design Plus Hosting

For many beginners and intermediate users, finding a service where you can build a web site using a template, and where you can also host it for free, may be the easiest and the quickest way to build your first web site.

  1.  Blog or Web Site

Although the line is blurred on some sites, some free services are suited either more for a blog or for an actual web site. Select a free blogging service if you truly want a blog that you will updating daily or more. If you need a more traditional web page, go for a free web space and host that is for web sites, and is not for blogs.

  1.  Image Hosting

When you want to include a lot of photos on your site, you may want to select a free service that also hosts photo hosting. Another option is to select a hosting service that allows easy integration of your photos from flickr or Photobucket or other photo site.

  1.  HTML or no HTML

If you do not know any HTML, do not choose a free service that requires you to know it. However, using services that do not allow you to directly modify or access the HTML may prove limiting down the road. The best bet may be to choose a free service that does not require any knowledge of HTML, but does allow you to modify the HTML code if you need to do that.

  1.  Templates that You Like

There is no point in selecting a free web space service that does not have templates that you like. Find one that has more than one template you like, in case you want to change your design later on.

  1.  Space

Most free hosting services will let you know how much space you are allowed. A common amount seems to be 50 mbs or 50 mbs of space.

  1.  Bandwidth

Bandwidth may also be important when choosing a free web space and hosting service, especially if you are expecting a lot of traffic. Most free hosts have a monthly (or other) bandwidth limit.

  1.  Pages

Not all site design and hosting sites allow you an unlimited number of pages. Most blogging sites, on the other hand, do allow an unlimited number of pages.

  1.  Community Aspect

Some "old school" hosting services are slowly adding more community aspects to their sites, to encourage interactivity among their users. New blogging and hosting sites have community aspects built in.

  1.  RSS or Feeds

If including RSS or feeds on your site is important, make sure the design template allows for it, and the site will host it. Some hosts and blogging sites are very limited on which RSS or feeds can be included.

  1.  Advertising

When planning on using Google AdSense, or placing banner ads on the pages, check to see if the design template will accommodate them, and if the host will allow it.

  1.  Widgets

Placing widgets on the pages can add some fun and useful aspects to your site. Not all design or hosting services allow widgets. Some services limit which widgets can be placed and where. Other services give the end user more freedom.

Decide which of these page elements are important before signing up for a free web site.