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How to Get into Blocked Websites in School

These days, with security concerns at corporations and schools at an all time high, it’s not an enjoyable time to get hooked on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. These are usually the very first websites that school security admins will ban. However, if you consider the rationale, it makes very little sense. This forces people to start searching for how to get into blocked websites in school or at work, such as the solution offered in this guide, Elearning PHP Roxy.

While security IT administrators will explain that they are blocking social networking sites for the sake of protecting computer equipment from and hackers, everyone knows the real reason. Schools and companies want to block you from your favorite social network so that you don’t “waste time.”

How to Get Into Blocked Websites in School With Elearning PHP Roxy

In this day and age, people shouldn’t have to search frantically for some way to “hide” their attempts to check out the status of friends on Facebook or to see what’s coming in from family on Twitter. Really – what’s the big deal? Are schools and corporations really that concerned that folks are going to spend their entire days being non-productive? I would counter that if you allow people to stay “in-touch” with their friends and family through these social networks, you will have a more content, happy, and productive work force and student population.

With that in mind, please read on to learn how you, as a student or a worker, can take what’s rightfully yours in spite of the nasty security IT professional who thinks he’s god. This is a guide to Elearning PHP Roxy, an obscure site that few people know about (until now), where mostly students go in order to surf the Internet however they like. Now, you too can take advantage of this cool resource. Until, of course, your school IT security dude reads this article…sorry!

What is Elearning PHP Roxy?

The thing with trying to figure out how to get into blocked websites in school is that it’s virtually impossible when your IT security adminstrator is blocking every proxy site known to man. You could always set up your home PC as a proxy server, as described at MakeUseOf (a major geek site), but it requires a lot of technical know-how, and how many people are really capable of that kind of computer setup?

Well, the folks at Elearning have come up with a solution, albeit probably a temporary one. This website is registered with a “.edu” in the domain (although it ends with “.tr”) and it also doesn’t use “proxy” in the url, instead it uses “pxy.” What’s the magical url where you can take advantage of this secret proxy? Well, for now it’s at the Elearning PHP Roxy website. However, before long school administrators and corporate IT security weenies will likely learn about this approach, so when they do, you can return back to this guide and try out a few other options to bypass the evil Internet firewall at school or at work.

Top 10 Ways To Access Blocked Websites From School

The following list will provide you with an entire collection of things you can try in order to “trick” the firewall at school or work. See, the point isn’t to access sites “from” school – it’s to creep through the firewall to a legitimate looking website, only to use that site or PC as a bouncing point where you can access any site that you want. Didn’t think it’s possible to trick the school or work firewall? Think again.

Proxy Jumping: Access one of the thousands of proxy servers until it’s blocked, and then switch to another.

Home Grown Proxy: Using the approach mentioned above, you can install free proxy server software on your home PC, and tell your router to forward Internet traffic on a certain port to your PC, where your Proxy software routes the traffic back to the Internet. Sound complicated? It can be…

PHP Roxy: A PHP Proxy site, jokingly called PHP “roxy” due to the fact that that naming convention won’t alert the firewall filters, is a website configured using PHP simply to route incoming traffic through a proxy so that you can browse the web through a web-based proxy interface.

Home Grown PHP Roxy: Find that your school or work is blocking sites like the Elearning PHP Roxy site? That’s when you need to consider installing Apache on your home PC to set it up as a web server, and installing PHProxy on your own web host. If you access your private PHP Roxy server sparingly, hopefully the firewall folks won’t even notice.

Can I Get In Trouble?

The simple fact of the matter is that if you’re going to consider bypassing Internet filters at school or at work, then you’re signing up as a soldier on the battlefield for Internet freedom and Independence. That also means there’s going to be casualties. Yes – you can get caught, and you can get in trouble. How much of a risk you’re willing to take really depends on how badly you want to check your Facebook account, or quickly log into your Gmail account, or a number of other legitimate Internet uses. The IT Security madness has gotten out of hand, and you owe it to yourself and to every person out there who loves social networking and the Internet in general. Your battlecry should be – Freedom of the Internet for All!

Good luck, good soldier. And may your Internet travels be safe and free from IT security harassment.