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Jessica Alba Leads Celebrity Push into Web Site Companies with New Phone App

Jessica Alba is clearly a celebrity cut from different cloth than the usual group who populate the headlines-she’s started an online company called The Honest Company, whose mission is to provide parents with baby clothes, toys, diapers, etc., free from . And now, reports, Mashable, Ms. Alba and her company have crossed another boundary, she and her company have announced a new smartphone app that helps parents keep track of milestones in their child’s life. The Daily News says the new company and its celebrity founder might be heralding a new era in the world of celebrities-those that serve a purpose besides making movies and posing at award’s shows.

Alba started her company just two years ago, and since that time, it has come to include 35 products in all, ranging from diapers made in a safe place that use no toxic chemicals to cleaning products, bath towels, and toys that parents can give their children without fear of lead or other toxins invading their systems. Ms. Alba has told the press on many occasion that she started the company after giving birth to two children of her own, and then finding it difficult to find products for them that didn’t have what she calls a “sketchy” history. She told Mashable that she felt big corporations were trying to make big decisions for her and her children, but didn’t have their best interests at heart.

The new smartphone app is just the latest in new line of products-called Honesty Baby, it helps parents keep track of doctor appointments as well as baby feeding and sleep schedules, etc. It’s part of a mobile platform the company is building to create an environment of dialogue between the company and its customers. The idea is to listen to what parent’s are saying they want for their kids, and then finding a way to give that to them in a cost effective way.

The Daily News notes that not only are the products being offered by The Honest Company healthier and safer for parents and their kids, but they’re greener too. Every potential product is vetted with extreme care to make sure not only that it’s safe, free of toxic chemicals and pleasant, but also is made in ways that won’t bother parents, such as in a sweat shop, or by a company that is known to be a major polluter. By not using toxic chemicals in their products, products in the company line are less polluting by nature. The result is a group of products brought to the public by a celebrity clearly more interested in helping others than in boosting her own bottom line.