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Author: Rick Thompson

How to Make a Successful Health Website

You are a successful former medic, and you are looking to retire, or a young health professional with many ideas about health improvement? Your thoughts can’t be wasted, especially in a world concerned about medicine and health like never before. It is why you can think of building a website giving health tips and even making some money with it.

But I am a doctor…how can I ?

You can find intuitive web hosting and creation services allowing you to have a website online in no time. Making it is not difficult, and you might even find it pleasant. Of course, it starts with finding a new domain, and this is not easy, as the majority of them are already taken.

Find a reliable web company offering you the next services: Domain Search and Purchase, Reliable Shared and Private Server Hosting, Customer Service, and Search Engine Optimization features.

Finding my health domain

You need to find a domain name that was never used before, and which will individualize your website amongst many others. Don’t look for the .com domains, as those are already taken. As you will probably looking to give health advice, you can think about buying a .health domain, as there are many names available on this extension. For example, if you are looking to write about how people cope with Covid Lockdown in Los Angeles, you can think of a domain such as or

Putting the website online

Hosting   a website means to find a company that will keep your website online, making sure it is always available for potential visitors. There are many of these available so that you can choose based on your budget and preferences. You won’t need to pay much for a start, especially as your website will not have many visitors for the first months. Look for a company offering Shared services, as these are cheap and suited for beginners.

Customer Service

Building a website is not a matter of programming and advanced coding. Many of the hosting companies can give you an intuitive Website builder, allowing you to build a website with no coding. Customer Service at the is essential, as you will need them to guide you through the and website building process.

Google Indexing

You can have your website ready in less than a week, but this is only the beginning. You will want to rank it in Google, and this depends on your writing skills and your capacity to create engaging content. You will need to write the original content carefully and to make sure it is engaging for your readers. Once you are ready with everything, you need to Index your website in Google so it can be found by visitors.

The hosting company is crucial at this point as well, as they should be able to offer a Search Engine Optimization service. They will make sure your website is friendly for Google but also for mobile users, so you can fully concentrate on your writing and on growing your website until it reaches the first page of Google and other search engines!

Website Review: is an online gaming site testing the skills and wallets of world-wide players.

What is the difference between a “gambling” site and a “skill” site? Don’t be tricked, the differences are separated by a line so thin a debate would have to be held to prove its existence. Technically, gambling over the internet is illegal in the USA. A bit of a shocker to know when one considers how popular it is. As of right now the government must have bigger fish to fry, because though there is a senator or two with internet gambling fiends on his mind, for the most part there has been minimal action in patrolling or halting these online transactions. seems to be trying to draw that thin invisible line between itself and gambling sites by calling its site a “skill” gaming site.

If you have ever played games on-line at free sites such as Yahoo Games or ect; then you’ve played the games at before. All of the classic card versions of solitaire are there along with any matching of colored blocks, crossword puzzle, or pool games. My personal favorite would be the versions of “who wants to be a Millionaire” and “1 Vs 100”; however these on-line trivia show games are banned in certain states for some reason. Most of the games are based off of using the mouse as a controller and I don’t know about you, but my mouse isn’t usually the most responsive thing to use in a timed gaming situation.

What does is match players against each other over the internet and have them compete for “jewels”. The games are free once you sign up an account and then depending on where you place either in a tournament or one on one competition you win an amount of jewels. These imaginary precious stones are then tallied and collected by your profile and are the key to unlocking all of the other features for the site. A personal blog, photo album, animated messaging, and custom made avatars are just a few of the perks to be earned.

Along with the free game play there is also the option to start a “gold member” account. If you are not a gold member then you will have to wait your turn to play games when the site is busy; waits usually last about a minute. As a gold member you pay entry fees for tournaments and head to head contests and then see if your skills at a certain game are better than everyone else. The winner of the cash tournaments gets: cash equivalent to the pre-set amount shown before you entered the tournament or the final amount of a progressive jackpot based off of the number of players. Usually the amount of money won is barely more than what you paid to enter. However, there are some large tournaments where thousands of dollars are seemingly on the line.

In comparison I actually found the free tournaments available before becoming a gold member to be more entertaining. feels like a gambling site when you use it. The same qualities that feed the compulsive casino rat’s lust for the big score are all in play here. You may start with a small deposit of only ten bucks and go on a winning streak, however the chances that you will come away with any profit are kept slim. So the bottom line is this: connects you with fun challenges from across the world. If you like competing in games and being ranked then you will indeed find this site addictive. However, it is my suggestion to just use the free features and enjoy your pretend jewels and skill notoriety ,because once you start depositing the cash it tends to start disappearing.

A fun site, but keep yourself safe and know your limits.

K9 Friends United Website – It’s Grrrreat for Connecting Dog Owners

This is great news because a Northern Ireland man has created the first online service for dog owners which allows canine lovers to connect through social networking, similar to Facebook. Diarmuid Scullin from Cookstown in County Tyrone, set up the fabulous K9 Friends United to provide dog owners all over the world with a place to chat, swap tips and meet new people. And such is the success of his website over the last year that word has spread and people are now logging on from as far afield as Argentina, New Zealand, the USA and China.

A lifelong dog lover, Diarmuid’s site incorporates a gallery where you can show off photographs of your precious pooch as well as upload videos. The Tyrone man explained that the inspiration for the site, based on the Friends Reunited and Facebook concepts, came from his daily job.

“I’m a long distance lorry driver and when I was out and about I noticed a lot of people were out walking their dogs on their own. So I decided to do something about it and I set up the website. And within hours of going online, I’d received messages from all over the world. So now, when I’m taking a break from driving I can log onto my laptop by the roadside,” he said.

Dog lovers who register on the fun site will have complete control over their personal webpage and can edit the content at any time. In addition, anyone who registers can chat with others in real time, or post a blog, if they have something to say.

There is also a lost and found section, should your dog have disappeared, and a poignant memorial page which will allow you to pay tribute to a much-loved deceased pet.

The Tyrone man’s job entails spending long hours away from home across the UK and Ireland, and this is the only reason why he does not currently own a dog. He hopes to see the site expand in the future as more and more dog lovers register their pooches.

“The k9 friends united site gives people an alternative to the glossy magazines. They can swap ideas, meet like-minded people and talk about their dogs,” he said.

So if you dog is envious of your own page on a social networking site like Facebook, Bebo or Friends Reunited, why not allow him or her to join in the online fun by logging onto – you’d be barking mad to refuse!

Top Three Websites for Games MySpace Layouts

Are you a gamer who loves a challenge and a hardy competition? Do you feel so proud that you want to show off your skills to everyone who comes into contact with you? Do you desire to network with other gamers to exchange new ideas, talk, and make new friends? With MySpace, you can have your cake and eat it, too. If you desire all of this, you will surely need a banging profile that not only truly reflects you but attracts others. Here are three sites that contain some outstanding games MySpace layouts along with awesome tweaks and tools.

The first site that contains top quality games MySpace layouts is ICodes is the gamer’s paradise. The reason being is that along with the wide selection of games MySpace layouts, there are codes to add video games, pictures of game characters, flash animation, and other games that do not fall in the video gaming category. Not only will you have much to work with as far as cool features and layouts are concerned, you’ll have a profile that will have you ruling MySpace in no time at all!

The second site of recommendation is Though there are only two pages within this category, gamers are certain to be happy, as there are games layouts of several different types and styles. If there are not any layouts that please you, this site makes up for its lack of selection in that there are layout generators, as well as other tools that will enable you to design your own custom made layouts with just a few clicks of the mouse. No coding or experience is necessary. It is that simple!

The third and final site is Along with the layouts, the site contains over two thousand flash animation games for you to put on your profile. To be cool, you can have a variety of games on your page to cater to a number of audiences. Some of the game categories you can choose from are the fighting games, shooting games, cooking games, adventure games, and games that involve players to use skill, as well as their brains. You will no doubt have a profile that will gravitate hundreds, or even thousands, towards you!

In just a few minutes time, your profile will reflect your true hobbies and interests. Not to mention, others will fall in love with it and will be adding to your friend’s list like crazy.

Writing Controversial Content to Get Web Backlinks: Linkbaiting

There are many blogs that have their claim to fame simply by writing about the most popular, controversial and hot topics that seem to drift around the internet. Three reasons why you should consider writing about something controversial is to get people to place links that point towards your web site. This will help you receive a subscriber base and dramatically increase visitors to your web site as well!

People Absolutely Love to Spread Controversy

Remember, people absolutely love to spread controversy that you may have on your blog. People love to see topics that can offense, surprise, etc. By writing about controversial subjects you can ensure that many people may even search throughout your blog so that they can find other controversial material. Remember; Perez Hilton blog made its way to fame by writing about controversial topics among stars and celebrities.

Google and other major search engines see backlinks that point to a website as a voting system. The more backlinks you can get the better, and you will place high in the search engines for keywords you didn't even know you had! Be sure that you use keywords throughout your articles if possible as this will definitely help the amount of search engines visitors that arrive at your page

Finding a Controversial News Topic with a Celebrity

There are many ways to find controversial news topics with celebrities other than being a creepy paparazzi type person. You can check your local television station to see if there is any news about the stars. You may also want to consider the possibility of asking around to see if there are any rumors on hot celebrity couples, pregnancies and things of that nature. It may sound harsh, but people absolutely love to hear about information that concerns a star or celebrity.

Another thing that is absolutely amazing about blogging about celebrities and controversial topics is that there is a great chance that people are already searching for the names of the celebrities. By having a popular name on your blog may automatically help you get a great deal of traffic to your website. It is important that you see which celebrities are highly popular but have little sites mentioning their names in their websites. By doing this you can decrease competition and increase a demand for your website.

Avoid Being Offensive

You definitely want to avoid saying anything that could be offensive as people may actually find your blog repulsive. This includes blogging about anything that may be racist, sexist, and even prejudice. If you sense that your article may offend a huge group of people; then it is definitely best to avoid it as you don't want to ruin your name with the horrible content that you are putting on the internet.

By finding something controversial, avoiding the urge to be offensive, and blogging about stars; you can ensure that many people will send tons of backlinks to your page therefore giving you a huge boost in the search engine result page rankings!

Website Review: Do You Dare to Compare? is a cool well designed site with many nice features. Unfortunately it does not give you results from as many stores as I would like to see! I was just looking for some shorts to buy for my son and there was the Walmart and JCPenney and then everything was over $10. I did the same search with and exact same results came up. These search sites are owned by the same company today so no differences.

After disappointing selection on on boys shorts (it IS springtime so this is a hot item!) I visited my old friend It has changed to a The selection and prices were so much better! only had 367 matches comparing to with 2541 items but I found plenty very nice brands and looks for deeply discounted prices. So to me was no use at all for this search. I wish they would include more stores in their search, as of now the results on apparel is very sad!

Besides that their navigation system and layout is very good. I love the fact that the site gives you most popular suggestions for search words WHILE you are typing. You got the option to show 30, 60 or 90 items per page. You can sort in many ways, price for lowest or highest, most popular items or by the store name.

On the left you will see how many items are in any price ranges and have the option to just click on one price range OR to select your own. Under the price range feature you will find the stores included. If your store is not shown there is "more" option which shows you every store and how many items they have for your search.

Underneath you will find the same options for the brands. I really like this feature! But what really sets this site apart is the following options you have! You can choose your shorts by the material (cotton, polyester, twill, nylon..) OR even by the pattern (printed, stripes, plaids & checks, solids..).

If this was not enough you can narrow your search by athletic/sport type, gender and age and so on. So if they would only have more bargains included I'd love using this site for shopping!

I'm also looking to buy my daughter a summer dress so I do the search. The most popular one's are really expensive (or maybe I'm too cheap!) so I do the price (low to high) option. The first item appearing is fun girl MUG set. In girls dresses? The next is a tunic, quite nice but it follows with bunch of sweaters for dogs. Why are these shown in the girls dresses section? There is also some sandals, teeshirts and gloves and several items with no photo at all. I'm not amused at all!

Under your search you will always find the sponsored links. They are nice to see but I could find them as easily in my own search engine.

On the bottom there is FEATURED LISTINGS FROM EBAY. I see a bomber jacket, sweatshirt and storage bags. No girls dresses on eBay? Hmmm. Below is the link for fixed price listings for "clothing" and link for all eBay listings for "Clothing". Why can't I just see a link straight to girls dresses on eBay?

It seems like is working hard to make their site to function but there is plenty room to improve!

Happy Shopping!

Jessica Alba Leads Celebrity Push into Web Site Companies with New Phone App

Jessica Alba is clearly a celebrity cut from different cloth than the usual group who populate the headlines-she’s started an online company called The Honest Company, whose mission is to provide parents with baby clothes, toys, diapers, etc., free from . And now, reports, Mashable, Ms. Alba and her company have crossed another boundary, she and her company have announced a new smartphone app that helps parents keep track of milestones in their child’s life. The Daily News says the new company and its celebrity founder might be heralding a new era in the world of celebrities-those that serve a purpose besides making movies and posing at award’s shows.

Alba started her company just two years ago, and since that time, it has come to include 35 products in all, ranging from diapers made in a safe place that use no toxic chemicals to cleaning products, bath towels, and toys that parents can give their children without fear of lead or other toxins invading their systems. Ms. Alba has told the press on many occasion that she started the company after giving birth to two children of her own, and then finding it difficult to find products for them that didn’t have what she calls a “sketchy” history. She told Mashable that she felt big corporations were trying to make big decisions for her and her children, but didn’t have their best interests at heart.

The new smartphone app is just the latest in new line of products-called Honesty Baby, it helps parents keep track of doctor appointments as well as baby feeding and sleep schedules, etc. It’s part of a mobile platform the company is building to create an environment of dialogue between the company and its customers. The idea is to listen to what parent’s are saying they want for their kids, and then finding a way to give that to them in a cost effective way.

The Daily News notes that not only are the products being offered by The Honest Company healthier and safer for parents and their kids, but they’re greener too. Every potential product is vetted with extreme care to make sure not only that it’s safe, free of toxic chemicals and pleasant, but also is made in ways that won’t bother parents, such as in a sweat shop, or by a company that is known to be a major polluter. By not using toxic chemicals in their products, products in the company line are less polluting by nature. The result is a group of products brought to the public by a celebrity clearly more interested in helping others than in boosting her own bottom line.

How an Offline Website Will One-Up Your Competition

Now that you have an online presence, it's important to remember that your website doesn't have to be accessible only on the Internet. A recent marketing trend has been to create offline websites, or stand-alone Flash projector files on CD-ROM. These CDs have an "auto run" feature that launches an interactive presentation, brochure, or catalogue as soon as the disc is inserted into a computer. With these offline websites, small and medium-sized businesses are finding it easier to stand out from their competition and gain brand recognition.


With offline websites, your potential customers don't need an Internet connection. Even bad or slow connection problems are a thing of the past. Graphically-intense content that would require substantial loading time for dial-up users is no longer taboo. This includes music, video-even television commercials can be put on your offline website. Your offline website CD-ROM can be passed out at trade shows or mailed to customers who can explore your website or catalogue without connecting to the Internet.


The offline websites can be on special shaped CD-ROMs, from multi-functional business card CDs to simple geometric shapes, to custom shapes of your corporate logo or a signature product. Talented designers will make your offline website even more successful by making it entertaining, informative, and easy to use. Even simple interactive features like videos, quizzes, and games can make your offline website more memorable and more likely to be shared.


A CD-ROM can hold up to 15,000 photographic images, 250,000 pages of text, over 70 minutes of full motion video, or 650 megabytes of computer programming. They costs as little as $0.60 each, although custom shaped CDs will cost a little more. CDs are light and innovative, and stand out among printed trade materials, and are fairly cheap to mail. As CD-ROMs, your offline website can hold more information, is cheaper to make, and easier to transport and distribute than a traditional print catalogue or brochure.

Here are some suggested ways to use your offline website effectively:

  1. Train your staff through video demonstrations, games, quizzes, and other interactive media
  2. Highlight a single new product
  3. Send out a portfolio with examples of projects completed for other clients and customer testimonials
  4. Provide virtual tours of facilities or real estate
  5. Distribute extensive product catalogues with dynamic and interactive features

It's important to remember your existing website doesn't have to become your offline website, too. Professionals can create special content to highlight any facet of your company and make it available at the click of a button, when your competition is still asking potential customers to read through thick brochures or endure long loading times online.

Websites to Help You Find a Nonprofit Job If You Do Not Live on Either Coast

Many people retire from their competitive, dog-eat-dog, profit chasing jobs and want a change. Others who have not yet retired just want a change. One common dream is to get a job where you "can give something back" to society, while still earning a paycheck. These people seek paying jobs with not-for-profit entities, or nonprofit jobs. One problem these people encounter is a lack of nonprofit job listings for areas in the American "heartland". While numerous websites yield many job openings on the East and West coasts, they show few, if any, openings in non-coastal areas. This article will address that problem by suggesting several websites to help you find a nonprofit job in "middle" America.

Nonprofit – The Best Site for You If You Do Not Live On the Coasts

Nonprofit ( This website shows the most significant numbers of nonprofit job vacancies located in the middle of the country. While other nonprofit job sites tend to show only jobs on the East or West coasts, Nonprofit Jobs shows them nation-wide.

Your best search option on Nonprofit Jobs is the search by Region option. You can search by city or state, but the most efficient method is to search by Region. A search of the Mountain Region (covering Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah) yielded 19 nonprofit job openings in the Region. In contrast, searches of these specific states on other websites yielded exactly ONE nonprofit job opening. This illustrates why Nonprofit is the website for you if you are not living on either coast. Subsequent searches of other regions yielded similar results; a search of the East North Central region (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin found 24 job vacancies and a search of the West Central Region (Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and the Dakotas) found 12 job vacancies.

The job descriptions on this website contain full details on the jobs and most provide you contact points for the employer with an email address and a link to the employer's website. Best of all, you can apply directly to the potential employer instead of applying through Nonprofit – Another Good Site If You Do Not Live on the Coast ( This website, sponsored by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, has fewer nonprofit job openings away from the coasts than Nonprofit, but is still worth checking out. shows many jobs on the coasts, but it also shows some nonprofit job openings in some "interior" states.

For example, while searches on found 79 nonprofit job openings in New York and 58 openings in California, they also found 21 openings in Pennsylvania, 18 openings in Texas, 6 openings in Indiana, and from 1 to 5 openings in states such as Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, and Utah.

While you may chose to open an account, and save your cover letter and resume on, it is not required to apply for a job found on the website. The job descriptions all contain contact information for the employer with an email address and a link to the employer's website and you may apply directly to the employer. offers a free account and a paid subscription account. Establishing an account may be worth it. The website is a major source of news and information for nonprofit leaders, fundraisers, grant makers, and other people involved in nonprofit "world". The website offers much nonprofit job hunting and career information and advice, as well as advice on performing nonprofit functions. The website offers a blog as well as forums where nonprofit professionals can offer advice and debate issues. Some of what the website offers is available through a free account, but the really "good stuff" is available to only paid subscribers. Decide for yourself whether you want to open an account at this time, and if so, which kind. However, once you land that first nonprofit job, you will probably want (and probably need) a paid subscription to


This article presented a synopsis of two websites with job search engines good for finding a nonprofit job if you are not a coast dweller. By no means are there only two such websites, and the two discussed in this article may not be the best of the lot. However, they are simple to use and yield the most job "hits" located the American heartland. Give these two websites a try – and good luck with your nonprofit job search.



Federal Government Websites to Keep on Hand for Emergencies

In today's society of terror caused by either humans, bacteria or environmental catastrophes, there is most likely an emergency call list in every other home across the United States. Households need to have government emergency, law enforcement and informational website addresses on hand also. Technology has changed the way we live our lives, not to a small degree, a large degree. We use technology to better ourselves, to entertain, to physically live. Therefore, technology should be the first thing we grab when we need help.

Sometimes it should be the telephone, but not always. The telephone doesn't guarantee you that the person picking up can help you, or that they'll even try. The internet can, in most respects. By getting what you need done in the fastest possible way, you benefit greatly by keeping seconds or minutes of your time.



Fair Housing



Federal Citizen Information Center Student Aid


Fish and Wildlife Services